Hobby Electronics for the Complete Idiot

About _electroidiot

_electroidot is blog that aims to demystify advanced electronics engineering concepts for just about everyone. Inspired by the classic hand-lettered electronics handbooks by Forrest M. Mims III and vintage US Navy training manuals from the vacuum tube era, _electroidot strives to use a casual yet structured approach to electronics engineering to make the topic approachable to anyone despite their background.

Why _electroidiot?

_electroidiot is built on the premise that it is ok to be an “idiot” as long as you have an open-mind and a willingness to learn. Too many curious hobbyists, especially those without a technical background, are put off by conventional electronics textbooks that assume that the reader is well versed in mathematics and physics, while most hobbyist publications barely touch on more advanced concepts beyond an elementary level. _electroidiot aims to bridge this gap.

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